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Surface Pattern Designs II


roses fabric 5 finish.jpg

Red Roses on green

orange roses v4.jpg

Warm Roses on blue

toss iris fabric 3.jpg

Irises on pink

fern fantasy 1.jpg

Fern Fantasy

ma poinsettia fabric 1.jpg

Poinsettia Fabric

roses fabric 6 bluish.jpg

Red Roses on blue-green

orange roses v5 on mauve.jpg

Warm Roses on lavender

toss iris fabric bluer 3.jpg

Irises on lavender

white fan grab.jpg

Lacy Fans

yellow violet 6.jpg

Yellow Violets

blue violet fabric 4a.jpg

Blue Violets

iris fabric 4.jpg

Irises and Poppies

silver fern offset 3.jpg

Ferns and Flakes

slipper fabric 4.jpg

Pink Lady Slippers

bird wreath fabric 1.jpg

Bird Wreath

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